Common MILF finder lies exposed

Any fool can call himself a MILF finder by using any proper milf dating site as However, regardless of how many times you call yourself something, you will still remain a fool if you’re simply lying. Sadly, there are so many MILF finders lies out there that it’s not even close to being funny. Unfortunately, the worst consequence of this is that all these younger guys are filling their heads with all sorts of misconceptions regarding MILFs. Not surprisingly, they fail again and again to hook up with MILFs. If you really want to take your MILF pussy-getting game to the next level, you need to identify common MILF finder lies and expose them.

Your success is not because of your toys

The first lie is that your toy defines you. You are only able to hook up because of your toys. By toys, I’m talking about your job, the amount of money you have, your car, your clothes and your physical appearance. In fact, these are worthless. What enables you to hook up is internal. It’s never external.

You don’t attract pussy because of your style

The truth is a lot of guys think that they have a certain style with women and they have a certain way of talking that attracts the pussy. While this is true at some level and with some women, this is not true across the board. The greater truth is that your level of attraction is really a manifestation of how comfortable you are with yourself. In other words, if you are confident you attract more women and more success regardless of your style and regardless of whatever external toys you have.

Pussy isn’t conquered

The most ridiculous lie being told about MILFs and any other kind of women is that they are meant to be conquered. I’m sorry to break this to you, but in this day and age, pussy is never conquered. Getting sex is purely a voluntary two-way act. If you think like you’re back in the dark ages and assume that women need to be conquered, you’re playing the game wrong and you deserve to fail.

Why Have Some Guys Mastered the Art of the Free Hook Up?

Have you ever noticed that there are some guys who just know everything about the free hook up? These are guys who go to the right websites and actually bang really hot women. They don’t just talk about having sex with good-looking women. They’re not just all talk. They’re not just blowing smoke up your butt. These are guys who actually post real pictures of women kissing them and no, I’m not talking about guys who go to strip bar and pathetically pay a stripper to kiss them, so they can post the pictures on Facebook. Those guys are losers. I’m not talking about losers. I’m talking about real winners here.

The very interesting thing about this whole situation is that these guys don’t look like winners. A lot of them are fat. A lot of them have bad skin. Many are short. Some have scars or they just have some sort of weird look to them. Maybe one eye is bigger than the other. They have big noses. A lot of them are bald. Still, they get pussy all day. What gives? If you are a decent-looking or even a good-looking guy, you might be very frustrated because nine times out of ten, you put in the effort and put in a nice profile like the ones you will find if you follow this link, but women don’t flock to you.

So what are these guys doing right and what are you doing wrong? It all depends on emotions. Seriously. Women are emotional creatures. You have to send the right signals and most importantly you have to bounce back the right signals. This is what creates sexiness. It’s not what you look like. It’s not how much money you make. It’s not how big your dick or how long your penis is. It has nothing to do with that. What it does mean is that sexual attraction is all about emotional signals.

You have to remember that women listen while men watch. You have to listen to the right cues and say the right words at the right time. That’s how you hook up. That’s how you gain victory.

Hardcore Tube Videos With Casting Pornstars

You need casting tube porn just as bad as babes like Lexi Belle need to get fucked hard. You might think that girls like her want slow sex when they get home after getting drilled so hard while at casting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Porn star sluts only have one speed: extra-maximo!

I tried dating a girl from the industry back when I was a young, buff, dumb ass and I couldn’t keep up with her need for sex. She wanted to fuck all of the time. You might think it a fantasy to have a girl that horny, but seriously, I did have to work to pay the bills.

So the next time you see a porn star acting like she isn’t having fun getting pile driven with hard cock you can feel good knowing that she is indeed acting. These girls really can act. Haha!

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